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how much is methamphetamine in australia

Choose a treatment facility that tracks outcomes at least to one year after alumni leave the facility. What is my expected length of stay? The Aetna rehabs for Valium Addiction best treatment centers will be honest with you and say that the optimal length of stay is somewhere around 90 days, and work with your insurance provider to help cover as many days in treatment as possible. There should be no surprise that clients will be asked to “extend” beyond the first 30 days. Top treatment centers work to outcomes; four weeks is not enough time for most addicts to reach their treatment goals. What is the cost per day or month for treatment? Do you take insurance? The treatment provider will negotiate with your insurance provider to get as much covered as possible, but you still need to know what the cost of treatment is. If your loved one wants/needs to stay beyond the period covered by insurance, you’ll need to make plans to pay for that extended period. What level of licensure, if any, do group leaders have? You want all psychotherapeutic groups to be led by those who have credentials to lead such groups. Be sure that counselors, not “techs,” lead groups. What does a typical schedule look like? Look for a treatment plan that is individualized and active. There should be a balance between individual activities and groups. There should also be little down time. If insurance limits the number of days you have in treatment, you want those days to be full. Is your facility licensed for dual–diagnosis? More than half of all addicts Alcohol enter treatment with addiction and another co-occurring psychological disorder, such as anxiety or depression, but the majority of treatment centers are not able to treat these co-occurring disorders. If you believe you may have a co-occurring disorder, be sure that the treatment facility is prepared to treat both issues.

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how much is methamphetamine in australia